Located at the beautiful island of Paros, our villa is a place that brings calm and joy to the demanding travelers. Whether you enjoy the sea or the mountain, Paros is the best place to discover both! Located at the beautiful island of Paros, our villa is a place that brings calm and joy to the demanding travelers. Whether you enjoy the sea or the mountain, Paros is the best place to discover both.

Paros is one of the most popular Greek islands. Voted Best European island in Travel Leisure’s World’s Magazine best award 2018 and 2020, beating Greek favorites Santorini and Mykonos to the title.

Paros is known throughout the world for its divine white marble. Today, it’s quarries are quiet, but the same bright stone can be seen across this carefree destination, reflecting the warm Greek sun throughout the year.

BETTER WAY TO CELEBRATEExotic Beach. Wind and Sea Sports

Paros has some of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Greece. Paros beaches are characterized by their crystal water and relaxing atmosphere, but also the beaches on the eastern side, provide nice spots for sea sports like windsurfing and kitesurfing.
These are but some of the many beaches that you can enjoy here at Paros.
Kolympethres Beach

A must-see of Paros is the unique bay of Kolymbithres on the northern part of the island. Its lunar scenery creates a marvelous background for your photographs, while the shallow, turquoise waters allow for a rejuvenating swim. The bay is part of the vast region of Naoussa and is very popular thanks to the smooth, eroded granite rocks and small, sandy coves created in between them. Visit the nearby beach bars or taverns for a lunch and cocktail stop between diving. The bay is easily accessible via road and via sea (with small boats called caiques from Naoussa).

Directions: Kolymbithres Beach, 844 01, Greece

Golden Beach

Located south of Parikia, Golden Beach is one of the biggest beaches on the island with crystal clear waters and golden soft sand. A great place to swim with shallow water and perfect for windsurfing thanks to its ideal wind conditions.

Directions: Golden beach, 731 00, Greece

Monastiri Beach

Ai Yannis, also known as Monastiri, is encompassed by stunning natural landscapes and beautiful waters. Every year, from June until September, Monastiri offers a variety of moonlight concerts, outdoor cinema films and events, all within a few steps from the beach.

Directions: Monastiri beach, Paros 844 01, Greece

Ambelas Paros

Ambelas is a small yet lovely fishing village. Mostly famous for its fishing port and the delicious fish taverns. The water is crystal clear and safe for children. While it is not an organized beach, the sea front tavern and traditional restaurants offer some of the greatest fish food on Paros.            

Directions: Ambelas Mare Apartments, Ampelas, Naoussa 844 01, Greece

Parasporos Beach

Parasporos is a large beach with crystal clear waters, golden soft sand and is the ideal place for relaxing. Beach bars are available on the beach and during summer time organize a dew parties, with dancing and drinking all night long.

Directions: Parasporos Beach Club, Greece, Parasporos, Greece

Martselo Beach Paros

Martselo Beach is very popular, especially among young people because of its beauty, its proximity to the city, but also due to the facilities that are offered. It is a very long golden sandy beach, which, due to its geographical position, is protected from winds and so their crystal-clear waters are almost always calm.

Directions: Paradiso Boutique, Marcello Beach, Paros 844 00, Greece

BETTER WAY TO CELEBRATEMuseum. Historical Sights

Unrivalled natural beauty, beautiful byzantine footpaths connecting traditional villages and breathtaking landscapes, and a history to tell on each corner of the island, Paros, located at the heart of the Cyclades, is one of the best loved holiday destinations in Greece.
Paros Panagia Ekatontapiliani Church

Panagia Ekatontapiliani is one of the most important and best-preserved Christian churches of Greece. According to many historic records, it was built in the 4th century A.D by St. Helen. During Helen’s journey to the Holy Land in search of the True Cross, or the cross upon which Jesus Christ was crucified, she vowed to the icon of Virgin Mary that she would build a glorious church in her name in Paros if her quest was successful. The entire complex of the church comprises the main church of Virgin Mary, while outside, in the yard, lays the ancient Baptistery which dates back to the 4th century and where they used to baptize older Christians.

The name Ekatontapiliani means the Church with the Hundred Doors, which is associated to the legend that states: “Panagia Ekatontapiliani has 99 visible doors. The 100th door is closed and cannot be seen. It will only appear and open when Constantinople becomes Greek again”.

Directions: Church Panagia Ekatontapiliani, Prompona 18, Paros 844 00, Greece

Paros Archeological Museum

The Archeological Museum of Paros was founded in 1960 to host the exhibits that decorated the beautiful Monastery of Ekatontapiliani. The museum presents collections of archaic and classical sculptures, pottery, findings dating from the Neolithic to the Roman period, as well as a mosaic floor from the Roman period. Among some of the most important exhibits of the museum are: the marble statue of Mermaid Gorgo, which according to the myth is a monster that petrifies whoever faces it; the colossal marble statue of Artemis, the sanctuary’s worship statue; and the marble statue of Nike, or the winged goddess who heralds victory; among others.

Directions: Paros Archaeological Museum, Christoi Konstavtopoiloi 2, Paros 844 00, Greece

Butterflies Nature Reserve

Every year in the summer months, butterflies come to this reserve to reproduce. Such natural reserve is only found in two places here in Greece, Paros and Rhodes. After your walk through the reserve, you can enjoy a coffee at the Lounge Café with your family and friends.

Directions: Butterflies Nature Reserve, cyclades, Paros 844 00, Greece

Wine Museum

The beautiful fishing village of Naoussa is home to the Paros Moraitis Wine Museum. It was founded in 1910 by Manolis Moraitis, who cultivated his own vineyards, and until today, the 4th generation of the family cultivate well know and rare varieties of wines of Paros island. Schedule a visit to the winery to enjoy some delicious Paros wine.

Directions: Moraitis Winery, Epar.Od. Naoussas-Marpissas, Naousa 844 01, Greece

BETTER WAY TO CELEBRATENight Life. Clubs and Bars

From the moment you walk out of the Villa, you can feel the energy in the streets. There’s something for everyone in Paros after dark, from enjoying fine cocktails and fine music at different bars, to dancing all night at a nightclub.
Fotis All Day Bar

Located right in the heart of Naoussa in Paros, beachfront “Fotis all day bar” is the best place for breakfast, brunch till dinner and late-night parties. Enjoy the ever-changing views, the delicious all-day menu with vegan options, stunning sunsets, and cocktails.

Directions: Fotis All Day Bar, Naousa 844 01, Greece

Santé Cocktail Bar

You’ll find Santé in the traditional alley ways of Naoussa under a shady Eucalyptus. The perfect spot to sample Paros nightlife together with fine cocktails and music.

Directions: St. Ioannis, Naousa 844 01, Greece

Pirate Bar

Tucked away in one of the narrow cobblestone streets in the marketplace of the town, Pirate Bar is a popular bar. It plays the best jazz, blues and classical music on the island while also offering a wonderful lounge ambiance for its guests.

Directions: Pirate Bar, Agia Triada 844 00, Greece

Punda Beach

Punda Beach Bar is located in the center of the loudest and most crowded party beach in Paros. Other than Mykonos, Punda Beach is another of the most famous of all the party spots on the Cyclades Islands and thus is reserved for lovers of loud music and wild atmosphere.

Directions: Punda Coast, Marpissa 844 00, Greece

BETTER WAY TO CELEBRATERestaurants. Enjoyable local food

A Greek getaway without delicious meals by the sea is incomplete. As with any other holiday, an important part of a visit is enjoying delicious meals with fresh ingredients coming from the locals themselves.
Barbarossa Bar | Mediterranean, Asian

Big, loud, and lively, Barbarossa is the place to come for first-rate Aegean style food. Located in the picturesque little port of Naoussa Paros, and with a long tradition of serving tasty Greek food and sushi, this restaurant has become a popular restaurant among locals and tourists.

Directions: Barbarossa Restaurant, Limanaki-Naousa Παλιό Λιμάνι Νάουσας, Naousa 844 00, Greece

Phone Number: +302284051498

Tsachopinis Ouzeri Ton Naftikon Restaurant and Mario Restaurant | Greek, Mediterranean

Managed by brothers, these two restaurants are located in the beautiful harbor of Naoussa right next to each other. While Mario Restaurant offer dishes that are mainly based on Mediterranean cuisine, Tsachopinis offers traditional Greek food. All meals are prepared with fresh ingredients of which come from local producers. While offering different types of cuisine and sharing one space, they each have their own special qualities with different atmospheres to experience.            

Directions: Naousa 844 01, Greece

Tsachopinis Phone Number: +30 2284 051662

Mario Phone Number: +30 2284 051047

Aroma Traditional Tavern | Greek

Aroma Traditional Tavern is a place where taste meets tradition and homemade food. It is well-known for its Greek dishes, which includes a wide variety of meat and fish specialties, as well as vegetarian options.

Directions: Restaurant AROMAS, Cristou Konstantopoulou, Paros 84400, Greece

Phone Number: +30 2284 021985

Noufaro | Italian

Noufaro is one of the oldest Italian restaurants on Paros. Located on the seafront of Parikia, the restaurant offers an excellent view of the sea side and the picturesque port with its white-and-blue painted fishing boats.

Directions: Noufaro, Ακτή Ποσειδώνος, Paros 844 00, Greece

Phone Number: +30 2284 021171

Mouragio | Greek, Steakhouse, Seafood

A seaside tavern in the village of Aliki, Mouragio Restaurant is a family business that has been in Paros for 30 years. Located right by the edge of the sea, diners at Mouragio Restaurant is a must.

Directions: Mouragio, Παροικία – Παραλιακός Δρόμος Παροικίας, Paros 844 00, Greece

Phone Number: +30 2284 023270

BETTER WAY TO CELEBRATEEntertainment. Exploring the island

Paros is a famous destination for unforgettable memories. With sea sports operating throughout the whole summer, as well as scuba diving and boat tours, among other great activities, your Greek vacation getaway can be full of incredible adventures as you explore the island in different ways
Kitesurfing and Windsurfing Courses in Paros

Thanks to the great weather, kitesurfing and windsurfing is a must if you have never tried it before. Everything happens in the famous and sandy Pounda Beach, where the combination of the best wind conditions and shallow waters are perfect for this activity. No matter your level of experience, at Pounda Beach you will be able to advance from beginners to advanced kite-surfers and windsurfers.

Paros Cycling Tours

When on vacation, cycling is one of the best activities to engage on with your family. Not only is it a great way to stay fit but it also allows you to explore the island in a different and more exciting way.

Scuba Diving Tour in Paros

If you always wanted to try scuba diving now is the time to do it. Let it be in Naoussa, Antiparos, or Pounda Beach, Paros has many places where you can learn how to scuba dive with some qualified professional divers who will take you on an adventure below the sea, to see the world from a different perspective.

Sailing Tour in Paros

Besides all the unique spots you can visit at island of Paros, there is much more to discover and visit at sea. By taking one of boat tours that are provided for tourist around Paros, you will come to be surprised by the unforgettable places and secluded beaches you can find during your adventure.

Horse Riding Tour in Paros

The Thanasis Farm invites people to come and experience the enjoyment of horse riding. Not only are riding lessons available for people of all ages and levels of ability with professional instructors, but you are also welcomed to enjoy the horseback trail rides that are prepared for guests through fields and hills, on the beach, on the mountainous Byzantine trail of Lefkes, or at any other location of your liking.

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